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A Site for Beginners to Learn to Code

We built this site, and populated it with reference materials, as a way for us to learn the basics of coding. And it presents us with an opportunity to share what we’ve learned with you. 

At its core, 1SMARTchicken is a code reference and tutorial site built for BEGINNERS (with some intermediate stuff thrown in). Our primary goal is to show the various coding techniques in a simple format with just the most common uses in our examples, reference pages, and tutorials. There are other sites out there that will give you a more advanced and complete picture of each of the coding languages. We’ll leave that to them, because they’ve done an excellent job of it.

Like I said, we’re learning right along with you as we put this site together and maintain it going forward. So please, feel free to let us know how we can improve things and make it easier for both of us to learn the basics of coding.

Why 1SMARTchicken?

This site was built and is maintained to benefit my autistic son.
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My Son's Name is Johnny

He was diagnosed with autism quite late, at age four...
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