WordPress provides notifications in the Dashboard > Updates area when there are updates for the CMS, themes, or plugins.

Occasionally, you may want to temporarily hide an update notifications for a specific plugin because you aren’t updating that plugin for some reason (maybe you’re waiting for something else to update first and it could take quite a while).


Place the following code anywhere in your theme’s functions.php document.

					// disable update notification for specific plugins
function kill_plugin_updates( $value ) {
    unset( $value->response['akismet/akismet.php'] ); // plugin name
    return $value;
add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'kill_plugin_updates' );

In the above, the third line defines the plugin we are killing the update notifications for. The plugin is “akismet” and the main file for the plugin is located at akismet/akismet.php. You may need to do some trial and error to figure out which PHP file is the one you need to specify for a given plugin.

If you have multiple plugins you are doing this for (probably not a good idea), just copy and change line 3, adding as many unset() lines as needed.

Once you are ready to see updates for these “blocked” plugins, simply remove the above code block from your functions.php document.